Branding, Graphic + Web Design, Ecommerce & Social Media Management for Smoochiezz


Matt was previously a General Manager at Smoochiezz before committing full time at Aimaai. He was employed to digitalise their traditional retail business model, leading the overall B2C marketing and business development strategy.

Managing all online sales platforms, social media accounts, inventory and identify, source, integrate technologies for business growth.

Conduct training for sales, logistic team and intern to perform daily operations with new equipment.

Client: Smoochiezz Pte Ltd

Services: Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, Web Maintenance, Inventory Management, System Integration, Social Media Marketing, Product Photography, Marketplace Management, Staff Training

Marketplaces: Lazada, Shopee, Redmart 
Facebook: Avalon Organics Singapore,  La Girl Singapore, Smoochiezz
Instagram: Smoochiezz

Date:  1 July 2016 – 29 October 2018


Matt was initially hired as a Sales & Marketing Manager, he solely replaced the obsoleted website with Shopify launched the website with within 3 months. Edited the product photos of 1300+ SKUs and filling up all product details.

He took over all the social media profiles and EDM platform while designing the entire marketing collateral. Upon identifying the potential of marketplaces like Shopee and Redmart, Matt leaded Smoochiezz into the platforms and added Lazada when the platform improved their system drastically.

On his second year, Matt integrated an inventory software for Smoochiezz to track stock movements and sales revenue + wholesale system for B2B customers. Handling B2B customer relation and the logistics team. Several technologies were implemented along the way to cope with his workload, such as Social Media Automation & Optimization, Data Analytics and so forth. 

On his third year, Matt take in additional role as Purchaser and test drive the forecasting tool with software developers to increase productivity and stock efficiency.


Thank you for everything. I know many in the company do not know much about Matt’s contribution but I do and I will never forget them. Matt has many great ideas so he’ll do fine as he embarked on the new journey as a boss in his own company.
Sujesh Pillai, Director of Smoochiezz

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