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Aimaai, 愛買 is a friendly digital company in Singapore. We’re all about creating awesome websites, offering web consultancy, SEO and content creation services.

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We do the hard stuff for you

Scaling a business requires a team of people, time, and talent. Solely relying on individual capabilities, as extensive as they may be, is not feasible to achieve. We have formed our team in order to strengthen the goals of your business by addressing untapped potential.

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Easy To Manage

We develop clear goals and document them so that you can track and manage them easily.
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Brilliant Ideas

We provide guidance and recommendations to suit your business’s needs.
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Modern Design

We blend modern aesthetics with your brand identity thoughtfully in our digital designs.
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Well Structured

We maximize productivity with minimal resources by using effective, streamlined procedures.

Customizable digital solutions for your business

Our Tech-based Solutions

Craft content that engages minds and converts leads to sales

Address various marketing needs beyond the digital sphere with Aimaai’s content creation services. Our content solutions extend beyond mere web content, offering photography, video editing, presentations, graphic design and more. Transform your marketing approach and boost sales sales with our cutting-edge digital solutions!

Game design and development for businesses, educators, and coaches

Give your content a revolutionary twist by infusing interactive elements that engage and entertain your audience. Stimulate deeper involvement through games, quizzes, and other interactive additions that make learning and information processing a joy. Gamification upgrades your content strategy, offering unforgettable interactions and thereby setting your brand apart, ensuring prolonged user engagement and higher conversions.

Get more customers with the help of quality SEO

Launching a website is just the start of your business’s digital journey. Attracting customers is the next big step, which is where our professional SEO services come in. By enhancing your organic reach, we help customers find you via search results and expand your business potential.

Professional and responsive CMS website development; corporate website, landing pages, and microsite

As a forward-thinking web design agency, our approach transcends simple aesthetics. Our skilled team blends web design artistry with a profound grasp of user experience and innovative digital marketing strategies. We engineer websites that harmonize with your existing brand identity and marketing efforts while concurrently providing unrivaled, sustained ROI. What sets us apart is our particular focus on incorporating SEO during the development process, thus maximizing your site’s visibility and traffic.

Let us take care of your website and keep it up-to-date for you

Creative web design is only the beginning at our company. We excel in providing widespread website management services. After your site launches, our team continues to assist you with regular content updates, daily backups, and timely software updates. Plus, we ensure your site’s security with constant security monitoring and uptime tracking. The result? A website that not only embodies your brand but also consistently delivers strong ROI.

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At Aimaai, we’re a bunch of passionate designers, developers, and marketers who live for our work, creating strong online presence for local businesses. We want to build the best brand in the world. And we want to do it for you.

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